The main reasons for low heart rate are pathological changes in the heart, an overdose of medication, reflex bradycardia.

Pathological changes caused by serious diseases of the vascular system. Is coronary artery disease, acute myocardial infarction, arterial hypertension, heart disease. Therefore, to increase the pulse needed to conduct a comprehensive treatment. Of course, need immediate hospitalization of an affected person that the situation was under the control of specialists.

Reflex bradycardia occur when a mechanical impact on the chest and neck (blow, fall), when bathing in water of low temperature, for pain syndromes, etc.

Modern methods of treatment of the low pulse is the pacing. The procedure is miniperl, the goal is implantation of an artificial pacemaker. The operation is absolutely painless and simple to perform.

Measurement of heart rate is accompanied by blood pressure measurement. Low pressure is the reason for the low pulse. Therefore, he has to take drugs to increase the pressure that the doctor chooses. In any case it is impossible to assign a tool to increase pressure.

Effectively help the consumption of soft drinks (strong tea, coffee, energy drink) with caffeine. Usually they tone the heart muscles and slightly increase blood pressure. Among ready-made drugs that stimulate the heartbeat, it can be noted guarana, ginseng. But in any case can not be used at elevated pressure.

Folk remedy for increase in pulse is a yellow card placed on the chest on the right side. The effect is due to the fact that mustard stimulates blood flow, increasing the number of heartbeats per minute.