You will need
  • - cm tape.
To determine the size of men's pants you need to measure two quantities - the length of the legs and the waist. Measurements should undress to underwear.
Stand up straight with your feet at a natural width. Relax and draw the belly. It should not be too tight to squeeze the measuring tape to the body. Waist girth should be measured at the place of wearing a belt. Try to apply the tape so that it is parallel to the floor.
Feet length should be measured from the outer side from the waist line to the floor. In order to carry out this measurement accurately, you need an assistant.
After the necessary measurements, compare the results obtained with the table size:

international XS fits size 44-46. The circumference of the waist can range from 70 to 76 cm pants Length is 101 cm;
- size S - standard 46-48. Waist 76-82 cm Length - 101,5;
- international M corresponds to a size 48-50. The waist is 82-88 cm leg Length - 102 cm;
- size L - aka 50-52. Waist 88-94 cm Length - 102,5;
- Corresponds to the standard XL 52-54. Waist - 94-100, pant length - 103.
Slightly different is the case with sizes XXL and XXXL. Each of them includes three standard size. XXL can fit 54-56, 56-58 or 58-60. The waist ranges from 100 to 118 cm foot Length - 103,5-104,5 cm XXXL includes sizes from 60 to 66. Waist and pant length are 118-136 and 105-106 cm, respectively. Because of too large scatter of the values to determine how well they will sit on you pants in these sizes, and not died their, it is almost impossible.
To determine the size of the sports trousers is recommended to divide the size of waist by 2 and then add 6. The result will match your desired size.
There is also a fairly simple way to determine the size of the jeans. If you know your clothing size, you subtract from this number 16.