You will need
  • - paper for drawing;
  • - brushes of different widths;
  • - sharpened pencil;
  • - gouache.
Start with a pencil sketch. In the center of the sheet draw the opened rose flower. Start with the Central petals, tightly compressed in the Bud. Gradually pririsovyvat broad lateral petals, placing them in a circle. The outer petals should be wide open, with their edges slightly turned outward. Don't spend the bold lines pencil is only a blueprint for the future drawing.
Dial on flat brush of natural cloth zinc oxide and cover their leaf surface. White will serve as a primer and will form a thin translucent layer through which you should see the outline of the picture.
Take care of drawing the background. Broad brush type blue or red gouache and arbitrary strokes free put it down on paper the outline of the flower. The edges of the sheet color needs to be lighter, closer to the pattern intensity increases. If the tone seems too dark, add white.
At the bottom of the sheet cover the background with strokes of dark green paint is a hint of roses. They don't need a detailed drawing – color hint is enough.
Mix the ochre with brown gouache and apply the eyeshadow on the inner part of the flower. Highlight the core and surrounding the petals. Dilute ochre with whitewash, add a little red color and the label shadow at the middle of the roses. Put gouache down on top of smooth rounded strokes.
Even more dilute mixture of white and start painting convex parts of the petals, on which the light falls. Sprinkle in pink and yellow mix a bit of blue gouache and color the outer petals that have a more cool tone. Add in white a bit of pink paint and walk around the outer part of the flower, imposing large longitudinal strokes, imitating spots of light. Just blend the border highlights so they look natural.
On a fine brush clean white dial and walk it on exposed parts of the flower, increasing the light accents. Wet brush and brown gouache and neatly darken the space between the petals. Strengthen the shadow between the flower and leaves – this will give the rose the liveliness and volume.