With cell phone connected to the mobile operator "Beeline", call to number 0611. Make the connection with a consultant and ask him, whether active on your SIM card transfer of funds through the system "Unistream". If so, put the desired amount from the purse Mail.Ru on this phone (with some margin to compensate for Commission). If not, ask the consultant to activate this service and then tell him their passport information. Please note that this service should be disabled if there is a risk of abuse of her by your colleagues and household, especially children.
When the amount to be translated will be in the account of your SIM card, transfer to the number 7878 message of such content: Uni Фамилия1 first name middle Name NNNN Фамилия2 where Фамилия1 first Name - your surname, name and patronymic, NNNN is the amount of transfer in rubles, and Фамилия2 - the name of the recipient. After receiving the confirmation message with the number 8464 in, answer it by text consisting of the single digit 1. Your account will be debited for the amount, plus a fee. And soon you will get a number 7878 message, which will present a money transfer control number. Let its recipient, and he will be able to receive funds in any Bank, collaborating with the "Unistream" with a note with this number and passport.
Transfer via "Anelik" can also be done via the web interface. To do this, follow the first of the links below. Enter your phone number "Beeline", on which the active transfer of funds, click "Get password", and when he comes in the form of a message, enter it in the form, press the "Enter" button and then follow the system instructions. The transfer code you will receive in the same way, and the Commission will be the same.
Directly from wallet Mail.Ru of you can only transfer funds to Bank accounts and cards. In the first case, go to the second of the links below, and the second on the third. Carefully fill in all the fields, otherwise you risk to transfer funds to another person. Read the offer, and then check the box "I Agree to the terms of the offer". Click "Next". Then follow the system instructions. When payment will be requested a password, enter it.