You will need
  • balls;
  • - disposable tableware;
  • bright meals;
  • - garlands.
For the mischievous and moving kids best suited Swedish table. Do it on a comfortable wide tableICA, which is suitable for kids height. Cover it with a bright tablecloth. Obviate legs beautiful paper garlands. In the center of the plant's favorite toy. Tie her colorful balloons, inflated with helium. Provide unobstructed access to the table.
Do not use breakable dishes. It is better to buy disposable, of plastic. Choose colorful plates and cups, they will love the children. Very elegant look and dishes with cartoon characters. On each Cup to stick a piece of paper with the guest's name.
Make meals with imagination, for example, decorate them with colored pieces of vegetables. Do not put on table exotic dishes – they can cause allergies. Discuss in advance of the holiday menu with the parents of invited children. If you don't have time to do this, prepare something neutral – sandwiches, steam cakes, fruit salads. Do not prepare too many – children often prefer to play and have fun than it is.
Do not serve food in common bowls, much easier to lay out food on the plates. Children often hesitate to impose food. Into glasses pour homemade juice, compote or juice stick cocktail straws with little plastic figures of animals.
For dessert, serve a cake decorated with candles. If you wish, you can bake it yourself. If the cake is ready, it should not be too fat. Perfect yogurt.