Advice 1: What is needed is for the growth of nails

The nails grew well and had smooth healthy structure they need to properly care. Special influence on the growth of the nails having the power, so it is important to pay attention to your diet.
What is needed is for the growth of nails
Quite often, the nails are indicators of disease processes occurring in the body. Also the condition of nails influenced by bad habits, contact with detergents and malnutrition. Food is not only a source of energy, but also a supplier of vitamins, amino acids and various trace elements. It is therefore very important to eat the quality and variety of food. Nails essential vitamins A and E with antioxidant effects. These vitamins help dissolve fats, and limit their use. For the vitamin And eat cheese, eggs, sea fish, chicken and pork liver, fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamin E found in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, green salad, egg yolk and milk. Best of all, these vitamins work together, thereby producing a beneficial effect on the body. To strengthen nails and their good growth in important vitamin C. in order To provide sufficient body in this vitamin, eat as many berries, fruits and vegetables with bright colors. Especially a lot of vitamin C in citrus, sea buckthorn, sweet pepper. By the way do nails you can "feed" ascorbic acid, it will sink the nails into the flesh of the lemon. From this procedure, the nails will become stronger and whiter. Beautiful long nails it is impossible to grow without the right amount of vitamin b and B1. To obtain the vitamin B1 you can, eating green leafy vegetables, dairy products, buckwheat and oat cereals, eggs, liver. Vitamin B3 can be obtained from yeast, nuts, brown rice, white mushrooms, eggs, milk, fish and meat. Vitamin B5 rich offal, chicken meat, broccoli, eggs, yeast and cereals. Vitamin B12 is responsible for the growth of nails and healthy complexion. Most of this vitamin in oysters, crab meat, salmon, egg yolk. Vitamin B12 can be obtain by eating cheese, meat and fish.In addition to nails vitamins for normal growth essential trace elements - calcium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, iron, silicon, fluorine. The calcium contained in dairy products, seafood and various types of cabbage, spinach, nuts. To saturate the body with iodine, eat seafood, carrots, lettuce, fish, mushrooms. The element magnesium can be obtained in cereals, nuts, seeds, kohlrabi, potatoes, bananas, bread and poultry. Zinc deficiency leads to flaking of the nail, so to fill this element, eat greens, nuts and seafood. Caring for your nails, do not forget that all should be the measure. Excess of any vitamin or trace element can also result in the emergence of new problems.

Advice 2: How to use sliders for nail design

The sliders represent the stickers are water-based, which are used in nail art as a fast design that does not require hand-painted or decorative items.
slider design nail
You will need
  • - nail Polish;
  • - the basis for manicure;
  • fixer or transparent Polish;
  • - sliders;
  • - buff for polishing;
  • - nail file.
Give nails a shape, Polish the surface to avoid roughness or unevenness. This is to make sure that the label lies flat, never stood out, not stick out. Very zealous too, not worth it, not to saw through the nail plate, contributing to their condition. Only a couple of movements of the BAF on the growth lines (from the cuticle to the free edge).
Apply Foundation to the nails in a thin layer. It is desirable to use special means, not the clearcoat, which does not possess the properties of self-levelling on the surface. The Foundation must be completely dry. To do the second layer is not necessary.
Coat nail Polish in desired color. It is noteworthy that for dense sliders fits any color scheme for a full-size (the entire nail) is generally not required base color for the design with a transparent base, it is desirable to use only light shades. Nail Polish must be completely dry, so the decor is not crushed him. If you want a thick and rich shade, the tool is applied in two layers, but no more.
Moisten the paper part of the slider with warm water, after a few seconds, gently peel off pattern. Place it on the selected part of the nail, press lightly with a cotton swab.
Cover the design with clear varnish or top coat, that manicure lasts as long as possible. Optionally, you can complement the decor of other items. A sliders go well with small crystals, spot painting, minor polonkai for nail art.
Useful advice
Sliders to the entire surface of the nail is pre-trimmed with scissors to fit the nail, under each individually. You want to make a small indent near the cuticle and side bolsters, so that the binder could cover not only the design, but tightly to make it stronger on the surface of the nail.
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