Why piercing can be done anywhere?

Piercings, along with tattoos, is now in great demand. They are addicted to and teenagers who wish to demonstrate independence and "adulthood", and older people, for which the punctures become a kind of symbol. In connection with the popularity of piercing, the procedure began to offer in many places.
Pierce almost any part of the body. Especially popular are the eyebrow, nose, navel, upper lip, chin. But in the first place in women – a puncture of the ear lobes. This procedure is also piercing.

Body piercing is considered a surgical procedure. If it will make the layman or the conditions are unsanitary, the negative effects from the puncture can not be avoided. You should not do the piercing yourself or with the help of a friend at home. This savings will not lead to anything good.

Some of the consequences from improperly placed piercings can be minor, but others pose a serious health threat and death. For example, in unsanitary conditions you can spread HIV, hepatitis and other infections. If the puncture is done properly, the wound may be a long time to heal, fester, constantly bleeding, which can lead to blood poisoning, tissue necrosis and even the subsequent amputation of a body part.

Also note the method used to create the puncture. Using the gun is only pierced ear lobes. All other parts of the body (including ears) pierced with a special needle.

How to choose a place to do the piercing?

Piercing can be done in specialized shops that have a license for this activity. Great if your acquaintances/friends have used the services of this place. Documents and recommendations are very important, but pay attention to some other details.

First, be sure to ask what materials are used. Feel free to clarify points on the sterilization and disposability of some of them. This paragraph is very important, because the purity affects your health and beauty.

Second, note the General condition of the room and working place of the master. There should be clean, sterile, neat. A professional will not allow myself to eat at the workplace, to scatter tools or debris. A master who cares about their health and the health of clients, will work in a sterile gloves.
Some masters of piercing prefer to work without gloves, arguing that the inconvenience and loss of sensitivity of the fingers. In this case it is better to choose another specialist, because a puncture of the hand can get infected.

Third, rely on your intuition. In the cabin you should be comfortable, and the master trust. This criterion in combination with others will allow you to choose the most appropriate place for the procedure.

If you categorically don't trust piercing parlors, contact surgical room in the clinic. There you will find a high level of sterility and safety, and can also ask local anesthesia. The Golden mean can become a special Cabinet in the clinic of aesthetic surgery.