You will need
  • program TuneUp Utilities 2011.
It is very important once you notice that information has been removed from your flash cards, record new data, since in this case the chance for a successful outcome of the operation of data recovery is reduced. Connect the flash card to the computer preferably using the SD card reader.
For data recovery you need a program TuneUp Utilities 2011. You can download it from the Internet and install it on the hard disk of the computer. Although the app is paid but has a trial period of use.
Start TuneUp Utilities. When the program starts for the first time, she begins to analyze your PC. Upon its completion, a notification will appear about the optimization of the system. If you agree, the software optimizes your system and fix errors (you can waive this procedure). Then you will find yourself in its main menu. Go to the tab "Fix problems".
In the next window select "Recover deleted files". Then you will see a list of all drives that are connected to the computer. Clear the check box for any partitions on your hard drive except your flash drive. After that, proceed further.
In the "search Criteria" nothing should not be entered. Because in the moment you need to recover the maximum possible amount of information, not a specific file. Uncheck the option "Search for files of size 0 bytes". So the process of finding data will be faster. After setting the parameters, click "Next".
Will begin process of search of deleted data. Its duration depends on the power of the computer and the size of the flash card. Upon completion of the operation the found files will be displayed in the program window. Highlight the desired files. (you can select all at once or separately). On the bottom of the program window, click "Restore". You can restore them to their original place, i.e. directly on the flash card or in any folder on your computer.