You will need
  • - iTunes.
If you own a Nokia smartphone, go to installed apps of your mobile device and select the program you want to delete. Run the uninstall from the context menu, then it is best to do a reboot of the phone.
Open file Explorer, locate the installer remote you program, click the menu button and re-install to a removable drive or a memory of the mobile device. In some cases, the option to move installed apps in the phone works preserve user files and settings.
If you want to move installed application on phone iPhone to another mobile device with the same operating system, use the pairing with the computer using the iTunes software.
To do this, first perform a synchronization by making a copy of the configuration of the mobile device with the installed application, after which disconnect it from the computer. Synchronize a second iPhone, downloading for him working configuration the initial device in the menu "Applications".
If you want to move the app from one mobile device to another without the aid of a computer, make sure initially that they operate on the same platforms. After that, pair the devices via Bluetooth, transfer the file installed in your phone application.
Install the program in the second device, test it pre-launch. Already installed in the application menu without the installer file to move or copy to another device is impossible. Also, when using install to the SD card the app can be available when you transfer it to another mobile device.