The connection method depends largely on the type of cabling. Can be three main options: both wire solid wire; both wires are stranded; single stranded, the second was solid.
Connection of solid wires can be run in two versions: spike two wires; twisting the wires and the subsequent spike. The first method use where wire not subject to mechanical load. The second use when extending the cables of the electrical appliances.
For solder two solid wires, strip them from the isolation of 1,5-2 centimeters. If the wire is oxidized (darkened), scrape it with a knife to Shine. Avoid touching your fingers to the cleaned surfaces on them remaining fat traces will interfere with soldering.
Will saladita, that is cover with a thin layer of solder, the solder wire. Do this carefully so as not to melt the insulation. Ensure that the wire is not springy – runaway with it a drop of solder can fall into the eye. So ludite wire on the plate, and not on weight.
Use when soldering rosin or its solution in alcohol. In the absence of rosin, use aspirin. Carefully zheludev both wires, connect them overlapping on the plate, then take a soldering iron a drop of solder and propagte junction. Then allow the connection to cool without moving the wire. After solidification of the solder, turn the wire and gently probajte second side. Fix when soldering both wires.
The connection must be insulated. This can be done in two ways: to put on one of the wires before soldering, a piece of PVC cambrica, then, after sealing, to move it to the connection or insulate the soldering with electrical tape.
When connecting stranded conductor, remove the insulation by 3 cm, Carefully strip the wire with a knife, then firmly twist them together. The place of lay propagte, making sure that the solder covers the connection from all sides.
If you need to connect solid and stranded wire, first will saladita solid core of about 4 cm and Then twist and saladita stranded 3 cm Oblate solid conductors stranded around, and then carefully probajte junction.