You will need
  • - Dr. Web CureIt;
  • - access to the Internet.
Try to use the program. Web Cure It. It does not require installation, and the system scan begins immediately after you run the. exe file. Download this program, visit the resource Restart the computer and start the operating system in safe mode. To do this, press and hold the F8 key after starting the download from the hard drive.
Run the downloaded. exe file and wait until the program finishes scanning the system files. This process can take a long time. Be sure to follow the course of the process. You will be asked to delete some files or choose another course of action with them.
If you know which files you want to delete, then try to do it yourself. If the system does not allow fully to remove some components of the malware, then try the method of removing the "add to cart".
If you try to delete a file a window appears with the message that the file is in use by another process, then re-start the system in safe mode. If you are unable to remove the virus file, then press Ctrl, Del and Alt.
After opening task Manager to turn off all processes that are not system. In any case, do not disable the process if you are unsure of its purpose. This can lead to failure of the operating system. Try to delete the file after stopping the unnecessary processes and services.
Try to execute a system restore. Use the control point created before the problem occurs or the appearance of malicious files. This method will help to remove virus in that case if it was installed in conjunction with any program.