You will need
  • - personal computer;
  • software anti-virus software.
To protect the computer from various viruses, worms and Trojans designed special software that is able not only to find and neutralize the threat, but in case of need to repel an attack from the network. Every day there are new antiviruss, usovershenstvuetsya and extends the capabilities of time-tested programs.
Among the varieties of defenders to prevent hazards and protect against viruses allocate a full-fledged antiviruss, scanners, and utilities to search and neutralize individual threats. Therefore, before installing a special study of its possibilities and choose the most convenient for you.
On the Internet you can get information about antivirusAh, their pros and cons and download any of them. You can also use the trial or Demo version of the program.
But best of all for reliability of your computer to buy the licensed version that will allow you to use the antivirus in full and carry out regular update of antivirusdata bases, thanks to which you will be able to identify and reflect the latest threats.
All the antivirusyou installed is identical to any other. That is, you need to run the program and follow the prompts of the installation wizard. When antivirus is installed, you can set AutoPlay ON startup or to start checking yourself at any time. However, it is best if the program will run constantly, which will create a barrier for introduction to computer virusology files from removable media or from the Internet.
Typically, the auto-run feature in every antivirusprogramme. For its implementation, go to the settings menu and follow these steps. Go to the main screen, select "settings", then go to the "Center of protection" and the section "Basic settings".
In "Autorun", select or clear the check box under "Run the antivirus when you computer is turned on" (by default the anti-virus loads when you start the operating system). If the checkbox is selected to activate the software need to be every time on your own.
Then click "OK" and close the window. Everyone can now work without fear of threats from outside.