You will need
  • Computer, antivirus Kaspersky Anti-Virus
If you do not have antivirus virus, download and install it. If this program you already have, you can check the computer for viruses and, if necessary, to remove them.
Click the antivirus program by double-clicking on the antivirus icon with the left mouse button. Icon antivirus Kaspersky is at the bottom on the taskbar of the operating system. In the main program menu select "scan for viruses". In the opened menu, select "My computer". Now in the right window you will see a scan target. They should be checked. In this window, select "scan for viruses".
A window will open that shows the process of checking the computer for viruses. On top of the window will be a bar that shows how much is left until the completion of the scanning process, and below is the event log. Wait for the verification process of your computer. Please note that if you do this for the first time, the scan time in this case can be up to three hours.
When the scanning process is completed, in the event log, select the tab "Detected". The window displays a list of all detected viruses. Hit the bottom of the window click "Actions". In the ensuing menu, select "Clear". Will begin the removal process of viruses found.
After the system is cleaned, restart the computer. Again go to antivirus and select "scan for viruses". But this time, in this section, select the "Critical region". Then in the right window select "scan for viruses". Checked the main system files for viruses. Although after the first scan, most likely, all viruses will be removed, but there is always the possibility that even after cleaning the computer, some of them may not be deleted. In this case, most likely, they will be in the system folders.