You will need
  • - antikeylogger;
  • - firewall;
  • - anti-virus software.
On that computer, install a licensed antivirus software to real time scan the computer for various threats. As a rule, you need an active Internet connection to update the virus signature database. Such software is always installed to the same directory where the operating system is installed.
Next, check for viruses on the computer. To do this, run the antivirus and scan all disks and registry and temporary files. It will take about an hour but the scan time depends largely on the hard disk loads. Next, remove all threats that exist on the computer. Don't forget that for reliable protection you should have installed antikeylogger and firewall.
To completely remove the infected program, go to the shortcut "My computer". Next, click on the tab "add or remove programs. After a couple of minutes you will be presented a complete list of all programs that are installed on your computer. Find that programthat is infected with various viruses. Click on the "Delete" button. Wait a few minutes until the system will delete all files that relate to the software.
Close all Windows and tabs and restart the computer. Next, open the antivirus software and double-check all of the drives, temporary files, and registry for viruses. As soon as the system finishes the test, review the detailed reference. If more viruses are found, then all the viruses along with the program has been completely removed from the hard drive of the computer. In the future, check the computer for viruses several times a week to be fully confident in data security.