This form of training is ideal for those children who do not have the opportunity to attend school on a stable schedule because of poor health or of regular sports competitions and associated travel. Individual training can be conducted at home (with a doctor's certificate confirming health problems), and in school, and in special centers. The individual learning process is the following: for the child schedule classes with consideration of the capabilities of the student and the wishes of his parents. The schedule of lessons is flexible, it can be adjusted throughout the school year. The rate of passage of material depends on the abilities of the child, but usually it is higher than group sessions. This can be an explanation – student, being alone with the teacher, fully immersed in the learning process, do not hesitate to ask questions if something is not clear, and not distracted by socializing with classmates. We should not think that individual training is designed for "difficult" children. This is not so. There are situations, when the child due to certain circumstances can not do in school. He has to constantly "catch up" peers. In the centers of individual learning and in the learning process at home, the student can acquire knowledge to the same extent as other children, and even more studying in the plan. These children pass the state exams for ninth and eleventh grade along with their peers in a sparing mode and receive a regular high school diploma. This applies to ordinary secondary schools. In the framework of the program individual training at the centres, everyone can pass courses of a foreign language, mastering them for the shortest period – from one to three months, students can improve their knowledge in any discipline (mathematics, history). The advantages of individual learning are flexible regulation of the pace of learning (you can pause and resume studies if necessary), receive individual consultations of experts and teachers of highest level of professionalism, absolute respect for the wishes of the student.