Ammonium nitrate should be stored in dry, ventilated area. Before the actual use (i.e. soil) if necessary, grind the resulting lumps. The advantages of this fertilizer – low cost, easy absorption by plants, good solubility (due to the soil it is possible to make not only dry, but the liquid feeding). Note that in areas dominated by sod-podzolic and podzolic soils, ammonium nitrate is better to make a mixture with equal weight of ground limestone (calcium carbonate) to prevent acidification of the soil. Ground limestone is needed also in that case, if the vacationer decides simultaneously with ammonium nitrate to fertilize the soil with superphosphate. In this case, it is necessary to add from 10 to 20 weight percent of a mixture of nitrate/superphosphate. And at first mixed with superphosphate limestone, and then add nitrate.Some gardeners are faced with the problems of the stumps remaining after sawing the trees. Well, if the tree was relatively small – then to uproot the stump can be effortlessly. And if the big? In this case, the stump becoming a serious problem. To help its solution can also nitrate – only this time potassium. Correctly its name – potassium nitrate or potassium nitrate. Should be drilled (by hand or electric drills) a few deep holes in the side of the stump and fill them in potassium nitrate. After some time (determined empirically, since it depends on the size of the stump and wood density) the entire stump including the roots completely dry up, and it would be relatively easy to uproot. By the way, for this purpose you can use the same ammonium nitrate or sodium, but potassium nitrate works faster and more efficiently. Some gardeners also still use potassium and sodium nitrate in smoked meat. Nitrate plays the role of preservative and contributes to the acquisition of beautiful pink color product. But this method is insecure (as when there is an error with the dosage can happen the strong food poisoning), so it should be used with caution.