You will need
  • - burdock oil;
  • -empty tube of mascara;
  • - a cotton ball;
  • - pipette or a disposable syringe without a needle.
Buy at the pharmacy bottle of burdock oil. To strengthen lashes and enhance their growth apply it daily, preferably before bedtime. The main problem in using the fat oil. It spread over the century, enters the eye and spoils the linen. So every night the procedure did not cause trouble, learn how to use this product.
Very easy to apply oil with a brush for eyelashes. Locate an empty tube of mascara, wash it with warm water and Pat dry. To clean the tube with a pipette or a disposable syringe without a needle, fill with burdock oil. Now the packing can be taken to travel safely stored in the bag – securely screwed in the tube the liquid will not flow out.
Remove makeup from the face and eyes, cleanse skin and apply cream on the face and under the eyes. Treatment of the eyelashes should become the finishing touch of evening care. Apply the oil like a regular mascara, making a smooth motion from root of lashes to the tips. Try to keep no liquid gets on the eyelids and the skin under the eyes. Wait 30 minutes and Pat the eyes with a soft cloth, then the remaining oil will be smeared on the pillow.
If you have no suitable container, you can do without it. Try to apply oil to the lashes with a cotton pad. Moisten it, take the cone and gently apply each lash. Make sure that the tool does not hit in the eye, it can irritate. Do not apply oil to the eyelashes in the morning – they would be impossible to apply mascara and makeup smeared under her eyes.
You have free time? Make a mask for eyelashes. Mix a drop of burdock oil and castor oil with a solution of vitamin A capsules. Add some fresh aloe juice. Mix the mask with a glass rod on a saucer. Dip it in the mixture the fingertips and apply lashes, grabbing them by the handful and applying oil on both sides. This mask can be used on the eyebrows – it will strengthen them and will make the hairs shiny. An hour and a half, delete the remnants of the tools of soft Terry cloth.