Advice 1: How to grow eyelashes in a week

For some women long, fluffy and thick lashes – it's just a dream. However, not all bad, because there are proven ways using which you can quickly grow these lashes that will be envied even by their masters to build.
How to grow eyelashes in a week
Burdock oil is a great effective tool that promotes active growth of the eyelashes. After its application the results will be noticeable after a week of daily treatments. To do this, take the bottle from the old mascara, wash thoroughly and fill with oil. Apply it on your eyelashes every day in the evenings. If special bottle you will find, apply oil to the lashes with a cotton pad. Avoid getting oil on the mucous membranes of the eyes. To do this, after 10-15 minutes after application wipe dry with a cotton swab. Because of this you will avoid and swelling of the eyelids. Good results give also, sea buckthorn, castor or olive oil. Optionally, you can alternate them, substituting one for the other.
Compresses on the basis of a decoction of chamomile flowers, or cornflower for lashes – a wonderful tool not only for the growth of eyelashes, but also for the treatment of bruises under the eyes. To prepare the broth take 1 tablespoon of chamomile flowers (or cornflower) and pour 200 ml of hot water. Let it brew during the day and strain. Soak in the resulting infusion of cotton balls and apply to eyelids for 20-30 minutes. Can cook and compositional broth for the growth of eyelashes. To do this, in equal amounts, mix the decoction of flowers of cornflower, calendula and freshly brewed green tea.
Massage helps to improve blood circulation at the local level, and this leads to activation of the inherent nature of the functions, including growth of eyelashes. During the massage, use special blend. For its preparation mix 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, ½ teaspoon of aloe juice and ½ teaspoon of parsley juice. RUB the mixture with massaging movements along the lash line.
To prepare nourishing mask, which helps to promote eyelash growth, take 1 tablespoon of castor oil, 1 teaspoon of aloe juice and 5-6 drops of vitamin A. Apply the resulting paste to the lashes using a thin brush or a cotton pad. Leave for 2-3 hours.
With these ways you at home can make eyelashes longer and prettier, but look – obvorozhitelnaya.

Advice 2 : How to increase length of the eyelashes

Long eyelashes - the dream of the beautiful half of humanity. But to speed up their growth, it is necessary to perform certain beauty treatments that will help to achieve this.
How to increase length of the eyelashes
You will need
  • - oils: burdock, castor, sea buckthorn, almond and peach;
  • - aloe juice;
  • - vitamins Aevitum;
  • - vitamin A.
Purchase in any pharmacy item, burdock and vitamins Aevitum. Take an old bottle out from under the mascara to the eyelashes and rinse it thoroughly with the addition of a gel cleanser. View the volume of the tube and pour into it about the same oil, only a little smaller. Squeeze a few vitamin (they're oil-based) and mix thoroughly. Apply lashe daily before bedtime. If you don't wear makeup, you can carry out the procedure twice a day.
Take 1 ml of castor oil, 1 ml of burdock and aloe juice. The resulting mixture of oils add a few capsules Evita. Can put on lashess. mascara or make application-soaked cotton pad, but in this case, the consumption of resources happens much more.
If you are only looking to lengthen your lashes, but stop hair loss, then you'll like the combination of almond and peach oils. Mix them in equal proportions and apply on lashs and growth lines. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times a day. The more you lubricate the cilia, the faster they will grow.
Stimulate the growth of eyelashes , and the following oils: fir, sea buckthorn, castor, and added to them is vitamin A. the Oil is recommended to take equal parts and add 1-2 capsules of vitamin A. If you have a predisposition to allergic reactions of the eyes, it's better to refrain from the use of the mixture of these oils.
If you regularly perform these procedures, long and thick lashes will delight you in about 2 months. Do not hope that they will grow back after one treatment - natural ingredients help to achieve beauty, but only gradually. To speed up the process will help proper nutrition and use of vitamin and fruit. If the cilia are not in the industry to the desired length, visit a beauty salon to build.

Advice 3 : What is needed for the growth of eyelashes

Eyelashes, like hair, needs nourishment and daily care. To take care of the eyelashes is necessary in the morning and in the evening before bed. To eyelashes grew well and were thick and long, it is recommended not only to choose high-quality cosmetics, but also sometimes to treat them with special oils.
What is needed for the growth of eyelashes

To improve the growth of eyelashes a good vitamin-enriched oil - dog rose, sea buckthorn, castor with vitamin a or with a couple drops of carrot juice. Using a small brush, perform a gentle massage of the eyelids along the line of growth. Do massage gently so that the oil does not get into the eyes.

Strengthen lashes and accelerate their growth will help the mixture of castor oil and rum in the ratio 1:1. This mixture can only be applied on the lashes, in any case it should not fall on skin or eyes.

The thickness and growth of eyelashes promotes the mixture of vaseline and castor oil in ratio 1:0,5. Vaseline softens the hairs and makes them Shine, and castor oil nourishes.

If your eyelids respond well to vegetable mixture, eyelash growth you can use massage a mixture of vegetable oil, finely chopped parsley and aloe juice. Massage with these components increases their effect and promotes rapid growth of eyelashes. Massage you must run lightly along the lash line.

A great way to accelerate the growth of eyelashes and strengthening are lotions from the infusion of cornflowers and calendula. Fill these flowers with boiling water and allow to stand for three days. When the infusion is ready, soak cotton pads in it and apply to the lashes for 15 moments.

Well stimulates the growth of eyelashes a mixture of castor oil, almond, olive, fish oil and burdock oil. The main strengthening component in this mixture is an oil solution of vitamin E. Use this remedy within a month, a few times a year.

Another means of helping to strengthen lashes and necessary for their growth - a mixture of castor oil, petrolatum, Peruvian balsam, or balm of shestakovskoe. All components must mix up and apply on eyelashes.. Lubricate cilia with this ointment twice a day. To the eye the composition is harmless, so you can safely flush it.

Advice 4 : How to keep eyelashes healthy and beautiful?

Long and thick eyelashes is a symbol of the eternal feminine, and luxurious, shiny curls. And if the hair is more or less clear, with eyelashes that girls often don't know what to do.
How to keep eyelashes healthy and beautiful?

To get started you just need to stop believing in fairy tales and listen to the advice of friends who have allegedly lashes have always been naturally short, but suddenly somehow miraculously suddenly become long. This situation in most cases is impossible in principle, because the length of the lashes laid at the genetic level. In this regard, to grow "ad infinitum", like the hair on your head, lashes can't. In other words, if nature has endowed man with short lashes, they are so good and will stay short. There is only one way to make their long extensions. This is not the case with health and thickness of eyelashes, because this can and must be fought.

Care of eyelashes

Adverse environmental conditions, use of cosmetics, hormonal disorders often spoil even the most long, thick and fluffy lashes - they become weak, sparse and brittle. How to return former beauty and make it more attractive?

The use of herbs

The first and the most budget way to restore the health of eyelashes are an application with the decoctions of herbs. This is done as follows:

1. Dried chamomile or lime need to brew with boiling water.

2. Cool.

3. Moistened in decoction of cotton pads and apply them on the area of the eyelids.

Such an application not only will have a healthy effect on the lashes, but will also help to get rid of circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Healing oils and vitamins

Weak eyelashes (as well as any weak hair) need strengthening hair follicles. Natural plant oils help to strengthen lashes, both inside and outside. Castor, olive, or almond oil should be applied on the lashes every night. Many people know about this way of enhancing them, but not everyone knows how to properly conduct this procedure. No need to"fill in" the eyes of oil – just lightly grease the eyelashes. To leave the oil on eyelashes on all night is not worth it. One to two hours is sufficient to provide the maximum therapeutic effect.

In addition, an excellent means to restore eyelashes are oil solutions of vitamins A and E. They must be used, dissolved in any base oil. This also can be added other components: aloe juice, parsley, carrots and even a strong tea brew. A good effect in restoring weak eyelashes can be achieved by using special products that contain vitamin B5.

And, of course, the most important rule that must be followed when caring for eyelashes is carefully handled. Do not use mascara dubious quality, and even the most expensive mascara should be washed off at the night time!

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