Choose linoleum for premises

For large apartment perfect linoleum surround the figure, but if you want to save money and to facilitate its installation, it is better to give preference to coating with a geometric print. Standard width rolls in the store has N meter size, so if your room has non-standard value, you will have to take a few strips to hide the gaps on the floor by the skirting boards or furniture.
The ideal solution would be to buy linoleum with a small allowance, calculated on the curvature of the walls, and the final prirezku you can perform at home.

Linoleum with a geometric pattern makes it much easier task, allowing easy to pick up two pieces at numerous joints in the apartment. If you have a narrow hallway, footage of which is not more than five feet, need to purchase coverage with an abstract pattern, the width of which reaches three meters, and cut it in half. However, in the case of a pattern in a specified direction (such as "floorboard"), you will not be able accurately and successfully join the band.

How to calculate the area of the linoleum

To see how much material you need to cover the floor, take a ten-meter tape measure, a pencil, a calculator and a sheet of paper. Measure the width and length of your room, given the depth of doorways in its longest part. Then add to the obtained results of ten centimeters and record the measurements on paper. Now multiply the results of the length and width to calculate the area of the room.
Remember that the data obtained after these calculations, not the final linoleum will have to be brought together.

To joints coverage as much as possible, you need to draw a floor plan, taking into account when drawing the previously obtained dimensions. Mark in terms of all communication pipes, ledges and closets. Look at the drawing and define the width of the linoleum, which should be enough for your apartment. Usually it comes in sizes from a half to four meters in increments of two feet. Perfect width linoleum – one in which it will go solid cloth, not requiring a connection separate pieces.

Selecting a suitable material and accurately calculate its width along the walls and baseboards, lay the linoleum in the room and do the fine trimming along walls and in corners and niches, and fit it to the desired size. The work on laying linoleum over.