You will need
  • computer;
  • program Nero.
Download software from the Internet. Install it on your computer. Run the program. In the main menu, select format disks with whom you will work. To do this, click on the arrow that is in the middle of the program window. Because all modern computers have drives capable of recording information on both CD and DVDdisk, and then install the CD/ DVD.
Then go to the tab "favorites". Here you need to select which disk you want to write files. If to write files you will use CDdrive, select "Create data CD". Well, if the DVD, then, accordingly, select "data DVD".
After selecting this option opens a window in which you want to add files to record. You can drag them or click the "Add" button. Will appear in the browse window. In this window, select file and paste it in the recording menu drive. The bottom of this window there is a bar that shows how much free space is on driveE. ensure it has not passed the mark maximum capacity of the discbut, otherwise you will not be able to record the selected files.
Once all files are selected, proceed further. In the next window you can set some recording parameters. For example, you can choose the number of copies if you want to record the disc in a few instances. If you check the box next to "Verify data after writing to disk", then after completing the write process data is checked for errors that may occur when writing to disk. Also in the line "the name of the driveand" you can give a name to the disk. It will appear after its launch on the computer. After selecting all parameters, click "Record."
The procedure starts burning the diska, which depends on the speed that the program determined to record the current disk. After completion of this procedure can remove the disc from the tray.