Advice 1: How to improve the sound quality in the video

To improve the quality of video or audio is impossible if initially these parameters had the highest values. But when encoding the video to another format you can set the highest setting for audio, allowing it to maintain its quality.
How to improve the sound quality in the video
You will need
  • - video Converter.
Open your movie using the program-video Converter, which can easily get on the Internet. When choosing, pay attention to the supported file formats to the resolution of the converted records match the list of work programme elements.
You can use the “Pocket Divx Encoder”. Download your chosen software from the official website of the developer, check the installer for viruses and perform the installation according to the instructions menu. Please note that to perform the conversion you may also need installed on your computer to program additional codecs.
Menu Converter the format will be coding. Open the conversion settings and in the section responsible for sound settings, set the maximum value. Most likely, you will be prompted to choose from two formats. Quality change the sound settings will be slight, however, in some cases, there may be transform for the better.
Do the conversion, wait for completion. Try this time not to be a burden on the computer by running games or other programs, which heavily uses system resources.
If you have a video format .mkv, use software specifically designed to edit them. Change the audio track, removing it from the file, and then perekodirovat more bitrate audioconverter.
Use downloading audio tracks for your film, pre-selecting one that suits you in terms of quality. Collect the video, leaving any file audio track and deleting the one that you do not like or simply select it in the playback menu.
Useful advice
Use the mkv format to create the file with the new audio tracks.

Advice 2: How can I encode the sound on the movie

Free program VirtualDub is an excellent video editor files. The program has a simple interface and a variety of tools in the form of audio and video codecs. In this program, you can cut fragments of video, you can glue them to process the image with filters and edit the audio track.
How can I encode the sound on the movie
You will need
  • program VirtualDub.
Download a computer program VirtualDub and install the operating system. Can find on the website or Try to install the software in the local disk where the operating system of the personal computer. Open the program using the shortcut on the desktop. The VirtualDub program window will be blank because you will need to add a video file for editing.
Open the movie, the audio track which you want to recode. To do this, click Open video file the File menu. In the dialog box, locate the directory where the video file. We recommend you to make a copy of the file before making changes to the original. For sound editing of the video file, click on the menu Audio and select Conversion. Make the required settings: sample rate, Precision, Channels. If you only need to handle the codec path, do not change the values.
Specify the type of compression in the Audio menu, Compression. In the window that appears, select the audio format — for example, the usual mp3 with the default settings 128kbit\s, 44100, Stereo. Please note that the values of the Windows Conversion and Compression coincide. Select the check box under the Options menu next to Sync to Audio to the video and audio components of the film were in sync. Then go to the File menu and click on Save as AVI. Write the name of the processed copy of the film and start the encoding process by clicking the Save button. As a rule, you need to create a copy of the file, and edit it to the original movie file remains unchanged. With this you can compare the quality of both movies.
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