You will need
  • - knowledge of merchandising;
  • - personnel management skills;
  • - new price list and printed printing.
Start with the most rational and no-cost ways to increase sales in the pharmacy to increase the margin. The first way is to raise the margin of pharmacies to charge higher prices. But don't do it mindlessly – print new price lists indicating the old, crossed-out, higher price, and bright, best new price. Another way to increase the outcome rates for additional services. For example, sell 10 tablets from the packaging of 20 tablets cost in 1000 not in 500, and 550 rubles.
Other rational (low financial investment) way to increase sales in the pharmacy to increase the size of the average check. Increase the amount, leave your customer who has already bought something. And not just place the vitamins, wet wipes and disposable face mask near the cash register, and educate sellers to actively offer these products to all buyers.
The next most effective activity is the optimization of the technique of sales in the pharmacy. Regular staff training at your pharmacy of politeness does not cost anything financially, but very much appreciated by the clients. The courteous staff will create more loyal customers than any promotions and savings card.
The percent conversion, i.e., the ratio came to your store to the number who know about it, and you need to raise. Use the technique of separation of your range of frontend and backend products. As the first act of the medication, which you set prices much lower than competitors. Put known drugs at reduced prices in a prominent place. Costs will be repaid through the sale of medicines in pharmacies related to backend products – they are not advertised, so prices inflate.
In a large-scale advertising support pharmacy, in fact, not needed. To attract new customers is necessary due to the strategic location of the branches, near hospitals, and in residential areas. In addition, don't neglect printing – the passing needs to pay attention to your pharmacy and its range.