You will need
  • video editor
Select one of the applications designed to work with video. In the Windows operating system has a standard video editor – Movie Maker, which is suitable for this purpose. In addition to it, you can use more complex and professional application with great functionality.
Run the selected program editor. Create a new project by choosing menu "File" –> "Create" (or "File" –> "New"). Specify the appropriate settings for video resolution, aspect ratio, frames per second and others.
Using the menu "File" –> "Open" (or "File" – > "Import" in some apps) add to the program the necessary video. Then create on the timeline of the program the video track and move on it with the mouse, the video. To do this, click on it with the left mouse button and, without releasing it, move the file to the timeline. If necessary, using tools trim the video.
Similarly, import in the program and the audio that you want to connect with videos. Then create a timeline app audio track and move the audio on it. Also click on the file with the left button, then without releasing it, move the audio to the timeline.
If necessary, use the mouse to adjust the audio under the video. Customize audio located in the timeline, as long as it doesn't coincide with the video to the proper degree. If you want, crop it using the tools of the program.
Save the project. To do this, select File – > Save as ("File" –> "Count as" or "File" –> "Export" in some applications). Specify a name for the saved file, select the desired video format and also check that you specified when creating the project settings. Optionally, specify settings for audio bitrate and frequency. Click "Save" and wait for the end of the process.