You will need
  • guitar with metal strings:
  • - the chord:
  • - nail clippers and a nail file.
Cut the nails on his left hand. Nails should be clipped as short as possible and to carefully handle nail file. Too long nails do not allow tight clamping of the strings. On the right hand and the nails are better to keep because they are needed for some techniques.
At the initial stage play on acoustic 6-string guitar with metal strings. Nylon, of course, easier to press, and they do not RUB blisters. However, they sound muffled metal, especially the guitar mass production. Besides the electricguitar , too, is metal, and it is more rigid than the acoustic. So we need to develop considerable finger strength and earn a well-deserved calluses.
Learn to play and sitting in the correct position. To play music on electricguitar, often standing or in motion, but it needs to first develop good technique. Sit correctly. Put the guitar in the body cavity on the right thigh. Right leg put on the bench to replace a few books or a small box. Fingerboard position at a slight angle up. The left elbow should be pointing down. Thumb when playing classical 6-string guitar fretboard back. The technique of playing on seven or electroguitar allows you to clamp the bass with that finger.
Bend 1, 2, 3 and 4 fingers of the left hand so that the tips touched the strings. The wrist should be free. Immediately to achieve this is not all, but try not to strain it and brush. Which part of the finger clamping the strings depends on the guitar. When the technique where the thumb grips the bass, work the pads, because otherwise the chord not just take. In other cases, the musicians put the finger on the string, the part that is between the pad and the nail. Try the other options. The main thing in this situation — allow the finger to hold only one string and not touch the next. To do this, it needs to be flexible enough.
Try to clamp any string almost in the middle of the fret, a little closer to the right nut. This should be used before you begin to play chords and their sequence. The first time your fingers have to strain. However, in the future, try to, and they were free. Do not stop to do, if there were unpleasant sensations in places that you clamp the strings. This is normal. These feelings will quickly disappear if you continue to play. Classes at this point can be somewhat reduced by time.