You will need
  • bolts and nuts of different sizes;
  • - mounting tape;
  • - screws;
  • electric jig saw;
  • - wood planks.
To begin manufacture of the ribs for your future roof. For a dome with a diameter of three meters it is necessary to prepare two kinds of edges: 35 pieces, length 88 inches and 30 products with a length of 77 centimeters. In General, to calculate the required number of edges and their length can be, drawing the future design and defining the step thereof. To imagine what it looks like the frame of the dome, understand that every face is a triangle. Several of these triangles are assembled to the constructor, which allows to gradually narrow down the design to the top and to the spherical roof.
One side of each edge, make a cut at an angle of 45 degrees. This allows you to quickly and, most importantly, simple to assemble design.
Screw face screws, using the mounting strip on each side. You can also use special connectors, if you prefer to work with metal pipes instead of boards. Such connections represent the "nodes" into which insert the tubes constituting the frame of the roof. The connectors can be 4 -, 5 -, 6-telnetsym. To calculate the required amount can only draw a design.
Working with wooden planks with a marker mark all long and all short face to prevent a mistake during Assembly.
Circle the corresponding square place a small rib or finished faces, connecting them to visually turned round.
Attach two large faces in the shape of a triangle, attach them at the top between itself and the base of the small faces. Do similar triangles around the circle.
Connect design that you get. Between each of the upper corners of the triangle need to place one more small facets, so you should get another connecting circle, smaller than the previous one.
These steps repeat again and again, bending big edge inside. If you're doing it right, each next level will be slightly narrowed.