If you want to make a pyramid, which will indeed possess healing properties, you should keep the proportions of the pyramid of Cheops. It is known that the edge length is 230,35 meters, height - 146,59 meters. If you calculate the ratio of the fin and the height of the great pyramid, we get a figure of 1,571. Exactly the same ratio of height and rib must have a therapeutic pyramid.
For the manufacture of the pyramid, you can also use the following formulas, which are also derived from calculations of the parameters of the pyramid of Cheops:
The edge length of = hx1,4945;
Side length of base = hx1,57057;
The height of the pedestal = hx0,3333,
where h is the desired height of the pyramid.
For making pyramids of use any insulating material, e.g., plexiglass, slate, wood. For the manufacture of small therapeutic pyramids, you can use the wire. But remember, in the manufacture of the pyramid you can't use nails. They violate the inner space that actually generates waves that have a healing effect on the body.
To install pyramid in the house, select the best place, away from the sewage and heating pipes. Well set the pyramid in the bedroom, placing her bed. They say a dream in the pyramid slows the aging process.
With the installation of a pyramid is strictly Orient its edges to the cardinal. If you ignore this rule, then the pyramid can bring healing and a destructive effect. When the location inside the pyramid of the bed, do not forget to put the headboard to the North. This is necessary in order to make a pyramid and man were oriented parallel to the geomagnetic field lines of the earth.
You can also build small pyramids that can be applied to the affected area. In the treatment of small pyramids, also to be the location of the person and of the pyramid relative to the geomagnetic flows.
If it is difficult to calculate proportion and make a four-sided pyramid, you can see the hats of ancient wizards and witches, to build a cone a pyramid. To do this, take a sheet of cardboard, draw on it a circle that once cut out, cut in half. Connecting the edges of the semicircle, obtain a cone, which remains only to glue the bottom. It should be noted that the action of the pyramid is much less than tetrahedral.