If the child is still small, look for publications for parents, who will hold a competition of children's pictures or are looking for a model on the cover. Make good quality images and send to the log. If the child will like the editorial, he has the opportunity to appear on the cover of the publication. The more publications will receive pictures of your child, the more likely that it will notice.
Children aged 3 to 5 show in an acting Agency. Now all agencies are interested in other actors and models because the industry of children's goods and services is now experiencing unprecedented growth. Talent agencies are happy to accept children in their ranks. You only need to make a good portfolio and update it with the growth of the child. When an advertising Agency is looking for models, primarily the base of the young actors. While children need completely different types and ages. So, you don't need to worry about every year growing up, the child is becoming less popular.
Do everything to ensure that the child noticed. Try to get to the extras for shooting gear children's TV channel. On the websites of the studios always hangs the schedule of auditions for the filming. Send pictures of the child in a large advertising Agency.
Give the child to classes at a fashion school. Such schools need to teach the child to work on the runway, will teach the art of fashion show, choreography, acting. Classes ability to work on camera. Before entry into the model school, ask what fashion houses and advertising agencies it works, what joint projects have already been implemented.
Be prepared for the fact that the visit of auditions and views time-consuming and often does not bring desired results. All auditions are held on weekdays, children are invited to them a lot and waiting time can take several hours.