Advice 1: How to do a commercial

Want to show their acting ability, to see myself on TV, to gain new experiences and get paid for it? Or do you think that advertising can be removed only by the stars and actors, as "mere mortals" the road to the set is ordered? In fact, every person has a chance to be in advertising! Advertising agencies and production studios are constantly required to make a commercial of the new people of completely different type. If you want to be in advertising, you need to help a casting Agency to find you!
How to do a commercial
For starters, you need to determine whether you are suitable for filming in advertising. View your photos and home videos, to objectively evaluate your photos and videoanekdoty. Avoid the two extremes, as excessive self-criticism and revaluation of its external data. The only important thing: do you know how profitable to teach, to teach yourself? If you are not pressed before the photo - or video camera? Sufficiently confident, natural and relaxed stay in the frame? If Yes, then this is already half of success!
The second factor on the road to your success is your photos. Here you have two options:
1. Choose a pair (or more) of your best pictures: portrait photo and the photo in full growth. It may be Amateur photos but quality, with the best angle and lighting.
2. But it is better to make a professional portfolio. This will increase your chances to appear in advertisements. Portfolio it is better to make the photographer who specializiruetsya in the filming for advertising. A good portfolio can be considered as 20 pictures of different plan and character that you portray a variety of emotions. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to portray it all in one photography. Therefore it is better to do 5-8 sessions photo shoot in Studio and on location. As for the price for the portfolio, that high quality means high price.
Also you can study acting and stage movement in the runway-school at a modeling Agency or in acting class. (For example, to enroll in a master class courses for aspiring actors and models After all, in the photography of advertising may be required not only to smile in the frame, and it is possible to depict the changing emotions (e.g., sadness and despair to unbridled joy), or to say something. And this "something to say" also need to be able to. After all, the same phrase (even the simplest) you can say with a million different intonations! Theatre education classes at the clubs - it certainly is a "plus" for you. In practice, however, this is optional. It is more important to be active and "alive" on the casting, not constricted and not hesitate camera. And yet - to be "at the right time and right place". That is, in a casting Agency to get the required for a specific photo/ video type.
Next, you need to contact the casting center, advertising or modeling Agency. And even better in several different agencies. You can publish your profile and your photos on the sites of casting agencies, send pictures plus your location and data type) or bring them personally to the Agency.
After you have posted your profile, don't sit idly by waiting for invitations to audition as active. Check daily to see information about new auditions on the site of your Agency, additionally look for ads on other sites. Submit an application to participate in the auditions if you think you qualify for these surveys. Periodically call the Agency, but without being obtrusive.
Believe in yourself and in your abilities, and you certainly will succeed!
Be vigilant and careful in the following cases:

- the Agency offer to pay the money for a production database or posting their profiles.
Agency requires to pay for portfolio to add to its database.
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Advice 2 : How to act in Indian cinema

In order to star in Indian cinema, is sometimes enough to come to India and settle down in one area of Mumbai. At least, participation in the crowd, you will be provided.
How to act in Indian cinema
Buy a ticket to Mumbai. The pleasure is certainly not cheap, but if you really want to star in Indian film, the other way for the novice actor, no. Stay in a former colonial district of Colaba in one of the budget hotels. That is where you will be able to meet the movieagents that are almost all day looking for extras of European appearance. In order to negotiate participation in the film, will be enough minimum knowledge of the English language. Sinoagent you'll find in the oldest cafe Mumbai – "Leopold", which is one of the essential points of the standard tourist route.
In order to get into bollywood, you can go and rest in the state of Goa. If a movie requires a big crowd involving white (and it often is required), the agents arrive in this state, as it is very popular among Europeans and Americans since the days of the hippies. Socialize with compatriots who live here, and find out where you can probably meet people from bollywood. It is possible that some of our fellow citizens, and he starred in the Indian film. Ask them to tell you about it, if they won't mind.
If you agreed with the agent, sign the contract. Usually the fee for participation in the crowd ranges from 30 to 50 dollars per day of shooting. By Indian standards is a lot of money. However, up to 30% of the fee you have to pay the agent. But you will be provided with free food and accommodation for the duration of your participation in the filming.
Behave during the filming safely, complete the orders of the Director and his assistants. If something will seem funny or absurd, try to hold back, treat the events as serious work. Be prepared for the fact that duplicates can be countless and the weather in India is almost always humid and hot. So if you feel some discomfort, tell the assistant and he will try to help you.
To move from extras to small roles in episodes, you need to make a long trip. Men it is advisable to master the martial arts and dance, women dancing and singing. And although people with a European appearance offer so far only negative role or, at best, a secondary role, you can be sure that in the populous India, you will begin to recognize the streets.
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