You will need
  • Tape, needle, thread, scissors, a candle, a pin.
Select tape for the petals. Best suited silk, width 5-7 cm 1 rose is enough for approximately meter length. In addition to basic colors, select 1-2 additional. Tape the secondary colors can be less wide (about 3 cm) and do not necessarily silk, it is not necessary to be afraid of synthetics. For example, look good translucent materials. It will be enough 20 cm additional colors.
Cut the ribbon into pieces of blank 3x3 cm (1/3 of the total number of petals), 2x2 and 1. 5x1,5 (also for one third of the total number of petals), the edges of the blanks will zakruglenie. Literally make 3-4 petals of ribbons of complementary colors.
Get your work space where you can process the material with the flame of a candle. Make sure that there were no flammable materials. All you need is one little candle-tablets.
Take a petal and slide it over the flame so that the flame barely touched the place of the cut – this will prevent the fabric from osypanie. Do not hold workpiece over the fire long enough literally seconds, otherwise it may catch fire. Then guide the petal over a candle so that the flame touched the entire surface of the workpiece, only this time the distance between the fire and the cloth should be significantly more under high temperature, the petal will be curved and will take the natural shape reminiscent of a real flower. So treat all the petals. Do not worry if the edges darken – usually only decorates the finished product.
You can now begin gathering the roses into one. To better understand how it will look accessory ready, assemble it first, just to pin. When it becomes clear, in what sequence it is better to string the petals, they can already be assembled on thread. If you want the flower was somewhat "disheveled , sew petals, applying them face to each other, so that the base was formed by a small stalk. If you like a neat flower, I just put the petals on top of one another and flash through small stitches and thread to match. Don't forget that the smallest details should be in the center of roses. In the center of the flower you can also sew a pearl bead.
To the reverse side of the finished sew the brooch pin.