In the first half of pregnancy, especially in the first weeks, you might notice a decrease in weight in some women. Why losing weight pregnant? This may be due to:- sickness;- sickness;- stress;- the wrong mode of the day.A symptom of morning sickness is vomiting. Pregnant feels weak, she had no appetite, which whenleads to weight loss. This period should be seen by a doctor. If the toxicity severe, the mother may be referred to the hospital for a special treatment. At home you need to allocate enough time for sleep, eat easily digestible food, the b vitamins and ascorbic acid.During pregnancy the immune system of women is weakened, so it is easier to infectious diseases. The disease can atlead to weight loss due to failures in the development of the fetus and loss of appetite in pregnant.Pregnant woman are more emotional, vulnerable and susceptible to anxious and stressful state. To not think about the bad, she had to occupy themselves with love, to move more, walk, and relax lying on bed and listening to soothing music. For women expecting a child, the important order of the day. Mandatory NAP (up to 1.5 hours), and long walks in the fresh air (the Park, not in stores), a varied, balanced diet. In addition to all the above weight loss a pregnant woman may experience due to the fact that the fruit develops at the expense of the reserves of the mother. It is when this grows, and a woman loses weight.A slight decrease in weight is not cause for concern. All women have different weight gain during pregnancy: someone - 4 kg, and someone - 15. Importantly, the expectant mother and the fetus receive adequate amounts of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.