You will need
  • pieces of Goodies;
  • - iron will.
First train the dog method of targeting, that is, for a treat. Exercise with your dog on an empty stomach, so she had the motivation to work. If a well-fed dog won't listen to you and doesn't want Goodies, go to feeding the dog at the time of training, for example, cut the meat into pieces and let the porridge after the lesson conducted. For dogs on dry food even easier – just let the piece of poop after every executed command.
немецкие овчарки обучение дома
Teach the dog the command "Next". Put the Goodies in a bag on the belt, a dog keep on a leash. Go, holding the piece near the left foot, at the level of the dog's snout. When he reached the turn, say the command "heel" and after a turn give a piece. Once this step is passed, repeat the same thing, only reach for a treat before the turn. Start training at home, go out only after fixing the basic skills on the street continue in the quiet place, start all over again. Only after the dog starts to execute, without hesitation, go to a busy street where there are distractions.
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Teach the command "come". Start work at home. Take a treat, show the dog and say: "me." When she comes, give treat. Distance it does not matter, you can just take a step back, so she followed you. The more often you do at home, the better. The street will continue training on a long leash, start to work in a quiet place without people and dogs. If the dog doesn't want to run on command – pull her a little jerk with the leash. Be sure to constantly study the team at home, each time encouraging the dog. When the unquestioning execution of commands try to run without a leash in the street.
как щенка немецкой овчарки дрессировать
Teach the dog the command "Sit". Take a treat, show it to the dog, put it to his nose, and the other hand put the dog. As soon as she sat down – give a bite. When you say this 1 time – when the dog sits. To work out the shutter speed so that she didn't off, say "Sit" and give a piece. One team – one piece. Then give the command "walk" and released the dog.
как дрессировать 1 месячную овчаркувидео
After any command to run, start to alternate the treat with praise (Good! Well done!). In no case do not give praise along with a treat or something or other. Remember, the command can be given only once. If the dog has not fulfilled a team – must be punished.
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