To train and educate a dog need from its earliest days, when she little furry lump on the paws travels will appear in your home. Immediately select and organize her room for lying and feeding. They should be comfortable and not be either on the aisle or in the draft. The commands "Place" and "To me" - very first, the puppy will easily learn almost immediately, in a few days.
If you feed your pet correctly, you practice, you will be able to encourage you to use a treat that he can often see in the bowl – for example, unsalted crackers or a piece of soft mild cheese. Simple refreshments will be for the dog an incentive and well-deserved reward for diligence and obedience. Encourage your puppy not only treat, but also affection, praise him and show that you are happy with them.
Train only in good spirits and mood. The dog will still feel your nervousness, even if you try to hide it, so she will also be nervous, and worse to understand what you seek. If you don't feel tired or annoyed, then put the training and not hurt myself or the dog.
Practice commands using the advice of handlers, which are mostly found on the Internet. It is not necessary to invent their own educational methods. Use the accumulated expertise of specialists. Spend the working team, short runs for 10-15 minutes several times a day. Usually, missing two or three days, the puppy has learned the command.
Serve team clearly, highlighting their tone, do not say superfluous words, which the dog will lose the meaning of the command. Not Lisp and does not distort the words. Do not forget to constantly consolidate the commands that you have already mastered your pet and constantly return to them after a while.
To train a dog needs only one person, so even if you're busy, pay attention to her education and you will achieve what your pet will understand you perfectly.