When to accustom the puppy to the teams?
Some teams need to learn from the first days of arrival in the house. Usually, this household commands such as "Place" or "toilet". There is another very important word "no." Other teams not so important for your joint comfortable stay, but also desirable. Required for the walk command "Place" designation of the space object, "Next" and "Sit." All these teams better to teach at the age of approximately 4-6 months. Remember that when teaching a puppy commands important systematic approach, so you have to practice regularly, perhaps several times a day.
How to teach <strong>puppy</strong> <b>commands</b>
Consider the condition of the puppy.
Before you can teach puppy the commands, let him sleep. Sluggish and sleepy animal will not understand your speech, and confused in action. Puppies, like small children, are unable to concentrate long enough on one and the same. In addition, the puppy should not be very hungry, otherwise he will run around and be distracted by every smell. But too full and he shouldn't be. Otherwise lost the incentive to work and to fulfill your requests for treats.
How to teach <strong>puppy</strong> <b>commands</b>
How to teach a puppy to commands.
The "Sit" Command. Loudly repeat the word of command tone of voice every time the puppy spontaneously to sit. After you give the command and gently push the hand on his pelvis to make him understand that you need to get on the ground. When the puppy will sit, once again, secure voice command and then praise him and give a treat.
The sit command is the basic, since its incorporation, and from a sitting position the dog in a similar way learns the command "down", "Roll" and "Crawl", food must be drawing air the trajectory of the dog.The command "heel" should be taught with the leash. Not much odergivala or pull it at an acceptable distance, by repeating the command loudly enough. If the dog is removed from you, correct the leash, if it is next – give a treat, gradually try to pull her off the leash, while trying to leave the animal - keep the collar. Do not forget about treats.The command "Place" to teach the puppy from the first days of conscious living. Consider on the place on hand. Constantly uttering the command. Take the puppy toy in its place, praise if he had stayed and not followed you. After replace carrying a leash, if the dog to cope and has no resistance, then send her in place of the voice.
How to teach <strong>puppy</strong> <b>commands</b>