Study of man and his habits. Most people tend to trust those who are similar to them. Start by finding similar interests. If you can, learn as much as possible in the interests of the person. Soul mate rather trust the mysteries and secrets start up in the depths of his soul. Therefore, if the total interests no – match them. That these are students that the school and the students-the careerists at the University. Yes, they are interested in the subject and are able to say their interest to the teacher. They have a lot to learn. Here you can learn gently to show his sympathy for the views of the interlocutor. In addition, try to simulate the personal characteristics of the interlocutor, it is important not only interests, but also your essence. Shy people are more likely to confide timid, determined – same strong.
Behave to be worthy of trust. Discipline yourself to keep secrets stricter than keep state. In any case, do not share other people's revelations with the person, trust of which you want to win. But their secrets can be shared, it will have a companion by the same frankness. The main thing – correctly to choose the range communicate and behave carefully, quickly noticing any manifestation of discontent on the part of the interviewee and adjusting your behavior. If you become trust worthy – you will get it, although for some people this process can be very long.
Think about your motives. To try to enter into the trust solely in cases where you desire a good man. You cannot use such techniques to make people hurt or use it and not pay their time and attention for services rendered. The fact that it is a betrayal of the people least likely to forgive. And for the betrayal very hard and cruel revenge. So think about why you trust.