Try the following. Go to the main menu ICQ client. Hover your mouse on your avatar and select "View my profile". Click view profile. You will see a window that has all the necessary information for you. Here you will see the ICQ number. You can just click "Menu" and click on profile.
Try to find your own ICQ number. Will take advantage of the program. Open ICQ, click on the button titled "Search new contacts". After this go to the menu where there is a button "Find/add new contacts". You can also just press F5. And the screen will appear the page for searching.
Try to remember your account and an ICQ number. For this you need to know at least some of the information that was provided during registration. This can be email, name, nickname, country of residence. Please note that the more information you collect, the more chances of success.
Enter your information and click "Search". Review the information found on the records, determine what belongs to you. Record data in notebook. Now you can email friends your ICQ number, which consists of a long set of numbers if they ask.
Use the account of another user. Ask a friend who was in the messenger, to tell you the ICQ number.
Find out the interested information through a menu called "Settings" => "Account". You will see a specific list attached to the program accounts to other web resources. Find among the results achieved it is yours.
Go to one of the social networks. Log in to your "my account" or "My profile". Possibly, the registration of the account you left some information, including the required number of ICQ.