Start any program to browse web pages and type the address of the official website of ICQ, namely When the page loads, in the top menu find "Support" item, hover over it and click the line "Forgot password?". Page access your UIN – unique identification number.
Enter your e-mail address, mobile phone number or ICQ number. In this e-mail or phone number must be attached to your UIN, that is specified either during registration or later through a special page e-mail attach. Enter your information and the security code from the image and then click "Next".
Check your email Inbox, it should come a letter with a link to reset the old password and install new one. If your UIN was not attached when registering to the mobile phone number or to a mailbox, the password recovery system will give a message like this: "You can't recover the password".
Open letter from service ICQ about changing password of your account. Click on the link that is in the letter. Page opens where you enter a new password for "ICQ" and click "finish". The password must consist of 6-8 Latin characters. The system will report that the password is successfully changed and you can log on to the instant messaging application with a new password.
Another case is if you do not remember your password for ICQ, but he is saved and you can log in to your account. Go to the link and download the program for "pulling" password from the "stars". Install this application and run it. After starting the program will find the installation folder of the ICQ independently. If not, specify the path manually. With high probability you will recover hidden password from UIN.
It is also possible that you will receive a passwordand a long code, for example F8DEC25FFD07CB38B87DF95088301024. It is MD5-hashed password, in this form it is kept family programs QIP. It can be decrypted using online services. To find them you will help search for "Decrypt MD5 hash".