You will need
  • Silicone or silicone sealer, putty knife, clean rag, soap and water
Clean the surface from dust, rust, old paint. Also it is advisable to degrease the surface before applying the sealant. This will ensure better adhesion of the silicone to the surface. Degrease any home remedy, e.g. petrol, white spirit, or, eventually, with acetone.
When the surface cleared, levelled and degreased, you can start applying the silicone seam. Depending on the package that has a sealant, tube/tube need derrty vertically nose down, gradually squeezing a straight line. You can use a special sealant gun. Try to hold a straight line on the contour of Your sink, or bath, or kitchen floor. Silicone should be applied "bold",i.e. a thick line.
The final step of applying silicone is the formation of the seam, giving it a shape. For this You need a special spatula. If the spatula at hand was not, it is possible to form the seam, just finger. For this you need to coat the silicone with your finger throughout the length of the line - thus we form a seam.