The cost of repair consists of two components: the cost of materials and the cost of the work. Moreover, the services of professional repairmen can cost much more than all the materials. Therefore the first commandment of a cheap repair is to do with your hands everything you can. In fact, professionals should be entrusted only to two areas of work: plumbing (if the tubes require replacement, and wiring for the rest of the professionals is not required. And the second is to choose inexpensive materials and to do without that which is unnecessary.
The simplest way to make a cheap repair in the living room and the hallway. To bring order to the ceiling you will need ceiling paint (matte is better – it allows you to hide surface irregularities) and a special roller to paint the foam or fluffy. Of course, you can do without the cushion, painted the ceilings with a brush, but first, it's much tedious, secondly, on the painted surfaces can leave streaks and will have to repaint a second time. The cushion also allows you to apply only one coat of paint.
Wall stick paper – they are not as durable as vinyl, but are very cheap. By the way, a special glue for paper Wallpaper is not necessarily to buy you can make a paste of flour or starch. Watery linoleum on the floor can not be changed, but just to paint an oil or acrylic floor paint – the color will easily last 3-4 years.
The choice of materials for repair of bathroom and kitchen should be approached carefully – after all it's premises with high humidity. Therefore, for the ceilings in these rooms it is better to buy special water-resistant paint marked "for baths and kitchens or wet areas" - especially because it is slightly more expensive.
The bathroom walls do not have to decorate tiles. If the walls are in good condition you can paint them with acrylic paint or water-resistant glue washable vinyl Wallpaper (labeled "three drops"). Can also be used for the decoration of bathrooms Wallpaper "under painting" of fiberglass. They are good because it is very undemanding to as the surface – they can be glued on an uneven, crumbling wall, and this reduces not only the cost of repair, but also work. Slightly more expensive, but at the same time very cost-effective option – wall plastic panels. They look great and very easy to clean.
To finish the kitchen you can also use the Wallpapers of fiberglass or washable vinyl, stick them to the ceiling or to the middle of the wall height. If kitchen apron tiled – you can use a plastic panel, simulates a tile, or stick on the wall above work areas of the oil cloth or adhesive tape.