Start using Microsoft Office Word and create a new document (or open an existing file). Create a table. To do this, go to the Insert tab and under "Table" click on the thumbnail table. Set the number of rows and columns of the future table using the built-in layout, or select "Draw table".
If you select the second option, the cursor will change. Using the pencil that appears, set table border, raschertite it into columns and rows. To return to the text entry mode, again click "Draw table".
When your document contains at least one cell created by the instruments section of the "Table" becomes available on the context menu "Work with tables". To open it, install the mouse cursor in any cell of your table. It is in the context menu you will find tools for adding or removing new rows and columns, for setting the direction of text inside the cell to edit the view boundaries.
If you need to issue a document in the form of two tables placed parallel to each other, do not create two tables, it is better to properly apply for one. It is easiest to divide the already prepared the table by using the tool "Border". This method will save you from having to "adjust" the height of the cells.
To find the specified tool on the two toolbars. The first panel is on the Home tab, in the section "Paragraph". The second menu item "Working with tables" on the tab "Designer" in the "table Styles".
Add an additional column to split the table into two parts. Select it and click on the "Border" (it looks like a square divided into equal parts). From the drop-down menu, select the option where a portion of the faces will be drawn not completely, by clicking on it with the left mouse button.
After this part of the faces of the column will be displayed as lines of gray. They serve only in order to enable you to work with them in an electronic document. Print these grey faces are not displayed, therefore creating the effect of two tables placed parallel to each other, separated by a space.