In the first stage register of the new participant of a limited liability company. Fill out the application form R 14001. It specify that OOO takes a new face and makes the share capital of the company a certain amount of money. It may also be some property to do this, make an act of his estimates and assure him of a notary. Make a resolution of the members of the society, where you specify the fact of taking a new person into the organization, as well as the change in percentage. Both documents, the application and decision — assure notarially.
Submit to the tax inspecto application, the decision of the shareholders, appraisal of property or a certificate from the Bank on making money to increase the share capital, and the company's Charter. You naznachut certain date of issuance. Then take away a certificate of modification and the extract from the unified state register of legal entities. Carefully check all the data that has changed, there are cases when the tax inspection officers make mistakes.
The next step will be the conclusion of the parties that sell the limited liability company. To say this should still CEO. Make a statement in the form of R 14001, as well as a statement from the shareholders that come out of it and leave my share. Composed of 14 application form assure a notary. Submit the documents to the tax office and will receive a certificate of extract from the state registry. As a result, the society must remain one party to old CEO.
The last step will be the replacement CEO. Make a statement in form 14, it can be from both the former Director and new. Prepare the decision of the sole member companies. These documents assure a notary and submit to the tax office. As a result, after a certain time you will be given documents which will specify the new owner and a new CEO and a fresh extract from the unified state register of legal entities.