Find a room for keeping rabbits. It is good to place the animals on the farm economy or in country areas, you can organize your own mini-farm. Build a design based on how many rabbits you plan to buy. The size should be less than three square meters. Purchase Pets from experienced breeders, well, if they are already vaccinated.
Prepare the litter, it can be made of straw or pieces of blankets. Put in the cage bowls for food and containers with clean water. Select a small area where the rabbits can leave wastes. Manure can be used as fertilizer or to negotiate its sale. Rabbits can withstand frost down to -30 degree, however, if you plan to breed them all year round and occasionally breed, take care of the insulation of the room. Can light, install electric water heating, etc.
Throw the rabbits by gender, starting from 3 months of age. This will avoid unplanned litter. The female may bear two litters at the same time, so don't be surprised if the difference between the birth of the rabbits is about three to four days. In moments of stress, for example, future rabbits can reabsorb in the womb. Thus, the rabbit starts the mechanism of self-defense of themselves and their progeny.
Feed the animals fresh vegetables, dry hay and grass. Daily change the water. Get a special tablet from worms, let their rabbits every 6 months. Discuss with your vet the need and schedule the vaccinations of your Pets.
Start searching for variants of sale of finished products. Conclude the contract for supply of meat with the closest places of public catering. Try to sell the goods through processing plants. Can register as an individual entrepreneur, if you plan to breed a large number of rabbits. Participate in various fairs, post ads in the media - so you attract buyers.