You will need
  • - TV set "Vityaz".
Go to the service menu of the TV to complete the setup of the TV "Vityaz". In order to bring it to standby mode on the front panel, press the AV button, turn the TV on, hold down this button. Or close contacts of the connector XN1 on the TV. To fine-tune certain parameters, select the desired service menu items. The exit is carried out similarly, with the button AV.
Set the following values to adjust the position of the image on the TV screen: parameter HSH (horizontal shift) install 24, the vertical inclination (VS) – 24. The image size value vertical (VA), install 58. These settings are required to configure image TV.
Adjust the color correction in the TV. To do this, set parameter values WR that is responsible for the correction of the red, WG – correction and WB green – blue – 32. Next, adjust the luminance signal of the TV. Check that the parameter value Ys was set to 14, the parameter Yn – 8, Yp – 0, and Yo – 0. This parameter sets the delay for SECAM standards, NTSC, PAL and external sources respectively.
Configure the channels on the TV "Vityaz". On the remote menu, press "Menu", then select "channel settings". Select the option "auto". To change the order of TV channels, select "Sort". To view two channels simultaneously using two built-in tuners use the menu item "picture in picture".
Go to the menu item "Teletext", to receive the coded information. Select the menu items "Brightness", "Contrast", "Saturation". The value of each parameter can be configured by using the volume buttons on the remote control.