You will need
  • phone.
In order to send an SMS message to the subscriber, who is in Kyrgyzstan, enter the recipient's number in the appropriate field of the phone number in international format. Because the telephone code of the country – 996, first introduced the characters in the string "Recipient" should be +996. Next, enter the area code and phone number. Click on send and wait for the delivery report. If receiving a notification is not configured in your mobile phone, you can do it yourself.
Go to "Messages" and select "delivery Report" and select one of the available in your model, the option of receiving notification. Save the changes. Also set the parameter for the waiting time of message delivery to the recipient. Depending on the servicing you, operator and mobile phone model, the waiting period can be from several minutes to weeks.
When setting this parameter, consider the importance of reading the message, for example, if a certain time was not in the network coverage area, he will receive your message within a week as soon as I turn on the phone, when setting your maximum wait time.
To send a TEXT message to subscribers of other countries, use the same sequence. Mandatory before entering the telephone code of the country plus put. Check the input code of the mobile operator, if you send the message to this recipient for the first time.
To do this, find in the Internet the table of codes of mobile network operators of the country of the recipient or verify the number with the help of special online services. Also make sure that the service of receiving and sending SMS messages was enabled by the subscriber and available for this operator. In some countries, you cannot receive messages from people residing outside the territory of their state.