The easiest way to send free SMS is the use of the official sites of mobile operators. In this case, the only thing you need to know is a cellular operator that the number you want to send an SMS. Use the search engine to find the official site, then use the site map to go to the form sending free SMS. In some cases you may be required to register. Enter the number in accordance with the requirements of dispatch listed on the website, as well as the text of the message and check symbols, and then send the message.
To send messages abroad, use specialized sites that contain links of send SMS form located on the websites of foreign operators. In this case, you will need to first select your country and then choose the subscriber's operator whom you are sending the message. You will be redirected to a form to send messages. Keep in mind that if you send an SMS to the subscriber, who is abroad, but maintained the Russian operator, you should send SMS from the website of the Russian operator.
For continuous sending of messages convenient programs such as icq or mail.agent. The use of these programs will help you to regularly send free SMS to the numbers you save in contacts app data. For example, to send messages using mail.agent, just install the application and open it, then add the phone number to the contacts list for calls and SMS. When you click on contact you will see a window where you can enter the SMS text. Keep in mind that if you use Latin layout you will be able to use more characters and, as a result, SMS will be more meaningful.