You will need
  • - the Internet.
Most mobile operators offers a service of sending SMS through the Internet completely free of charge. To send SMS to Kazakhstan, log on to the website operator, which is used by a recipient. For example, if it Beeline, log on to the website
Right at the top of the screen in a special field to select the region, enter the Kazakhstan. You will find yourself on the page
Most often a service of sending SMS on the websites of the operators indicated by the icon in the form of an envelope. Click it in the dialog box, select the area of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in which to deliver the message.
Now enter the phone number of the person you are addressing your message. In the left column choose the first three digits of the phone number. In the next field, the remaining seven digits.
Start writing letters in the "Your message". For correct operation of the service message to collect only Latin characters. The maximum number of characters should not be more than what is listed. Usually it does not exceed 170 characters.
Enter the code below. Click on the "Send" button. Few seconds your message will be in queue for sending. About it you will inform the appropriate inscription, which will soon inform you that the SMS sent to Kazakhstan.