Install the program to listen to mobile phones and intercept SMS messages. Such programs on the Internet big set (007-Mobile Spy phone Suite...) and you can freely download or purchase. C you can listen to cell phones, remotely record phone calls in digital format, intercept SMS and E-mail. With the help of such programs you can even turn your mobile phone into a GSM bug and monitor the movement of its owner. They almost do not reveal themselves and works completely offline.
Download the program to your computer and install it on the phone. Then all messages and all information from your phone will be streamed to your personal computer. In order to work with the program through the computer, you will need to install the necessary software which is attached to the downloaded utility.
Download the program to intercept SMS on your phone and transfer via Bluetooth to the subscriber for whom you wish to trace or find out about something incriminating. There are portable versions of these programs, which are supported by almost all modern mobile phones, iPhones, iPads, and so on.
Seize the mobile phone of his opponent for five to ten minutes if possible, and with the help of USB cable and download the software to intercept SMS on his phone. The owner of such mobile phone will be able to detect the spy software, just purposefully digging in the settings and programs. Spyware programs did not show himself or give away. If the phone is your "ward" is not very strong or, say, with a little memory, then detect such a program is possible by the fact that mobile will slow down or hang. The rest is completely invisible and easy to use service.