You will need
  • type of Foundation;
  • - corrector;
  • powder;
  • - lipstick;
  • - mascara;
  • pencil or eyeliner;
  • - blush.
The color of the Foundation must exactly follow the natural color of your skin. Masking existing defects, for example, circles under the eyes, or inflammation, use concealer. To secure the Foundation makeup, use powder, the tone of which should also not be discordant with the natural color of the skin. Do not forget before applying BB cream to moisturize the skin, to makeup went is easier.
Dressed in a green dress, never use shadows of the same color. Many women admit such a mistake, and they face not only loses its expressiveness, but also looks painful because of the abundance of green. Will not be successful and the attempt to combine the shade with a olive green dress and Vice versa. When choosing cosmetics, always stop on contrasting colours. Green dresses look good gold, purple, beige, brown and black shadows.
Eyeliner and eye pencil choose on the same principle as the shade. Suitable black or brown eyeliner and green do not even think. The eye makeup will complete the mascara that always needs to blend with the color of pencil or eyeliner.
Choose from blush under dress of that color depends on the natural color of the skin. Brown skinned women should use pink or plum colors, but the white-skinned fashionistas should choose red blush.
Lipstick green dress must be selected in accordance with the tones of the rest of the make-up. If it is made in cold colors, use deep red lipstick. Makeup in warm tones perfectly complement the lipstick the color of ripe cherries. These simple tips will allow any woman to experience the full magic of the green dress and be stylish.