To dress yellow suitable makeup with the emphasis on lips and eyes. Both versions look delicious. There is a third option of makeup. Consider them all.

Stylish nude makeup for yellow dress

Makeup in Nude tones, perfect for any clothing, for any occasion. It is a versatile option. Here's what you'll need: mascara, Nude shadow. Powder - as desired. You can complement makeup with your lipstick gentle shade or simply apply lip gloss.

Black makeup for yellow dress

Makeup black colors long since become a classic. If you go to yellow dress for a day visit, then paint the eyes with mascara, add a black pencil arrows. If you are interested in evening makeup, stop your choice on smokey eyes - this makeup will accentuate the beauty of your eyes, making the eyes look more attractive. You can dilute the black range brown shades or gray - everything will depend on personal preference.

Makeup with emphasis on the lips with the yellow dress

Black and Nude tones - perfect for eye makeup for yellow dress. There are bright shades are required. But it can be very interesting makeover, creating an accent on the lips. Just touch up the lashes with mascara to the eyes was more expressive, and the choice of lipstick stop stop on a red rich color that matches the yellow perfectly! Get an unusual and even sexy way. This style vamp looks great as a daytime make-up under the yellow dress, and as evening.