You will need
  • - two straight spokes;
  • - circular knitting needle;
  • yarn;
  • centimeter;
  • pin;
  • - darning needle.
Start knitting mens sweaters with front. For sizes 54-56 will be enough 180-182 the initial loops. Run of them gum 1x1 (front-back) height of about 6-8 cm
In the last row gum you need to expand the canvas. To do this uniformly add loops, dividing a number into equal sections and vymazyvaja from one of the front loops of the lower row two. All you should have 201-213 working hinges (from the initial 180-182) and a pair of edging.
Direct-knit linen sweater, until you reach the beginning of the armholes of the sleeves. Check the required depth, having tried knitting on the future of a host of things. In this example, you can begin to shape the armhole, counting 40 cm from the bottom of the work.
Close the left and right front of the sweater for 6 loops. This should be done through a number in this sequence:

- 1 times 4 loops (two neighboring loops together promazyvaetsya);
6 a pair of loops;
- 7 times in loop.
Measure the canvas to specify the total length of the future sweater. You need to make a rounded cut at a depth of about 4 cm, at the same time (at a distance of approximately 67 cm from the bottom of the thing) perform the bevels of the shoulders.
After fitting, remove the Central pin 10 loops keep sweater knit from different skeins. First, finish the side with a stretched working thread, then implement another tangle. The neck should be smoothly rounded in personal lines: reduce knit 3 stitches, then 2 and 2 times 1.
Don't forget to do a forward shoulder line: the left and right sides need in the front ranks to close 1 once 11 loops, then 2 times 12. When you get to rework the product to the shoulders, its length (size 54-56) will be about 70 cm.
Close the remaining loop of the row, and completed sample form opposite sides of the semicircular opening.
Knit the back part of a man's sweater will be simply continuously consult with ready front.
The sleeves start to do with rubber-cuffs. In the described example, it is sufficient to score 68 of the loops and to perform an elastic canvas equal to the height of the gum bottom.
This is followed by a uniform increase of the loops on the cloth edges to make a wedge-shaped detail. To do this it is recommended vymazyvaja additional loop of the engine (transverse threads between two adjacent loops). The sequence of formation of the bevels right and left:

- alternately in every fifth, every sixth rows add 24 times in the loop;
- then every fifth row – 8 times make 1 increase.
Measure the length of the unfinished sleeves – at a distance of 48 cm from the edge you need to make the crown, that is, to round out the upper part of the detail according to the shape of the armhole. This is done like this: with close to 6 loops through the range:

- 4 times to get 4 loops;
- 14 times a pair of loops;
- 6 times – 4 loops.

The remaining loops close.
Sew with each other front, back, and sleeves, and then enter the line of neck loops for the stand-up collar. It's better to do circular knitting needles to make a distinctive detail sweater – high collar – was clean, no seams.
Tie a rubber band 2x2 (2 front loops alternate with purl 2) up to the end of the neck of the owner of the sweater and close the loop. Do this carefully so as not to pull the last row – new clothes should easily fit over the head.