You will need
  • knitting needles, yarn, description
Select your favorite model in the magazine for knitting. Read the description and pick up the threads and spokes. In the description you will find what tools you will need. But what happens is that the right thread is not in the store. In this case, in the description of the way an indication of what the footage needs to be yarn and what is its composition. Pick a suitable yarn, based on these data.
Before you begin, link the sample. Dial on the spokes, which will play the knitting, 12 provarite loops and 12 rows. Measure the sample.The fact is that even if you find the yarn specified in the description, you need to knit the sample. Any seamstress its hand and its density knitting. Someone who knits tight, someone free. Depends on what size will work thing out.Based on the sample calculate how many loops you need to dial to get the sweater the right size.
Dial the number of loops on the knitting needles.The bottom of the sweaterand usually fit elastic 1x1, 2x2 or 3x3. If you want to knit elastic 1x1, clear edge, the next loop provarite the front, then purl, and so on. In the following rows repeat the pattern of the previous row, that is over the front loops knit facial over purl - purl. If you need gum 2x2, after the edge you need to purl into the front 2, then 2 purl, and alternate them, if 3x3, respectively, to alternate need 3 front and 3 reverse.
Usually the sweater is knitted from the bottom up, but there are some models that need to be performed top to bottom or right to left, or even center. Carefully read the instructions to the model, before we will proceed directly to the knitting. In that case, if the sweater is knitted bottom up, the options can be many - is not necessarily elastic. This happens rarely, but it's better to be careful, to not have to dismiss their work.